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Gaming Systemz - TinyM & Mista Wilde

Production credits:

Vocal recording - Mishka Vaughns & Craig Wilde

Lyrics: Mishka Vaughns 

composition, arrangement and mix - Ionics Music


An Interview with Mishka Vaughns


My name is Mishka Vaughns, I was born on the beautiful Caribbean Island of St. Vincent & the Grenadines. I am now resided in British Virgin Islands, another beautiful place. I am the eldest child of both my parents.


My favorite music styles are hip hop, pop, reggae and my most favorite is Soca.


The idea behind Gamin Systemz came from my brothers and their friend. During the 2013 summer vacation, they would play video games all day on their favorite consoles and one afternoon, we all were together and this crazy interesting conversation came about this subject. We were really laughing about it. So basically I got inspired from that moment to write a song for fun, It was all for fun. I own a game console myself.


After I wrote the song, I was on the search for a backing  track to flow with it. One of my brothers make beats but I was looking for something funky, more like the 80’s, 90’s type of music.


I am a member of a website called where you can employ or work for someone on a given project. I posted my project, and got a few musicians from around the world that were interested to work with me. I read and reviewed their portfolios and there I saw Ionics Music and Craig Wilde’s. I began speaking to both persons on instant chat on the freelancer website. They both caught my attention and I hired both to work with me.


The working process with Ionics Music was amazing. Though I had difficulties on my part, Leon Riskin, aka “Ionics Music” was very patient with the project and he ensured that I did my part correctly, if not I would have to do it over until I got it right. It was also a learning experience for me.

The song can be heard on, TinyM & Mista Wilde – Gamin Systemz (prod Ionics Music)


I am currently working on my next song, not going to say what it is just yet.  

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